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Hi, I’m Jason

Certified Personal Trainer and Coach

Degree in Fitness and Nutrition

Level 5 Trainer and Nutrition

  • I found my love for fitness when I lived in Australia. When I started out though, I was a skinny fella who wanted to be huge, and I did literally everything wrong.

  • I lifted way too heavy, injuring myself, and I didn’t eat the healthiest.

  • I had no guidance and even found myself buying 10 minute abs online. I felt like a fool, but knew fast fix diets did not yield long-term results.

  • I went back to school in Ireland because I didn’t want anyone else to buy into the things I fell for.

  • Doing this, I further deepened my passion and love for this sport and how the human body can change.

  • I am living proof. I transformed my body from skinny to large and continue to push myself to new limits.

  • Since 2016, I’ve helped guide, transform, and inspire my clients to achieve their fitness goals naturally, that I once needed myself.




  • Customized monthly workout program tailored to your needs, gym or no gym, broken-up by weekly objectives and proper warm-up procedures

  • Weekly Meeting to Review Progress and Upcoming Workout Programs

  • 24-Hour Access to a Fitness Professional who is determined to help you achieve your fitness goals

  • Supplement and Accessories Advice

In-Person Training using a Body-Building Based Workout

In-Person Training using a Body-Building Based Workout

  • Bodybuilding style training utilizes exercises that shape the body into an aesthetically pleasing physique

  • Transform your body into the shape you want

  • Available to those within 20 miles

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalized Macro Based Nutrition Plan paired with Nutritional Tracking App

  • Nutrition is 80% of the program. Did you know that multiple studies have confirmed the benefits of keeping track of your food and activity?

  • Data shows that 88% of people who track for seven days in a row lose weight.
    The more consistently you track your food intake, the more likely you are to lose weight

  • These practices will help form Healthy Eating Habits that are sustainable

  • Keep eating what you love. If you can track it, you can snack it

Mind-Body Awareness

Mind-Body Awareness

  • Applying a mindfulness approach when working out, you are more in tune with
    your body, more aware of your surroundings and more focused on what you’re doing, minimizing risk of
    injury and yielding better results and satisfaction

  • I practice this through breathing techniques, visualization, mind-muscle
    connection, and gratitude

  • Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my tools and

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